The Classic Hotel

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The Classic Hotel is Jeonju’s premiere luxury stay. image
Rooms are spacious, well-appointed, and comfortable.

Perfect for seminars, conferences, weddings. image The top floor has a retractable roof, for open-air events.



The Penthouse is amazing, with its own lap pool.

Continental breakfast.

Covered secure parking.

Shuttle Service.


The Classic is the finest hotel in the region.

Standard rooms start under $250.
Very accessible in Jeonju’s new town (hyeokshin-doshi).
The proprietor, Terry Kim, is warm and personable, with a fine command of English.


Highly recommended for visiting family in comfort and style.


Well equipped for conferences, seminars, and weddings.
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Immigration Busts Balls in Busan

More than 120 foreign English teachers are faced with fines ranging from 1M – 20 M KW or face deportation.

What do they have in common? They all signed up with an agency called EthXX EduXXIion to coordinate private tutoring gigs for them.

“They appeared legit, asking for proper visas, and taking out tax deductions, etc.,” said one of the teachers, who has been summoned to appear at immigration at 4 today.

Under pressure from immigration, the company turned over his entire roster and all teachers have been contacted and summoned to appear immediately.

The fine amount seems to be determined by how long a teacher has subcontracted for this corporation.

Many comments have surfaced such as

“I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong” and “they hire a broad diversity of visible ethnicities, it looks pretty racist.”

On the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday, many teachers are struggling with a life-altering decision–right now.

Teazer– El Nido: a novel by Peter Towney

Fukuoka Bound

The ferry made its way out of a bustling Busan Bay on that bright Monday morning. As they passed through the heads, the waves had already begun to get bigger. Nev raised his eye brows to see if Yuki was bothered.
“You would expect the waves to get bigger as we go, wouldn’t you?” she said.
Yuki whispered that most of the Korean tourists were off on a once in a lifetime trip. They watched as many of them ate, drank and laughed voraciously. They were devouring pork filled buns, bundles of sticky rice while drinking copious amounts of wicked Korean soju.
The Japanese staff were polite and friendly in their own detached way. Once all the tickets had been checked, they sat fully upright in the staff chairs, gazing past the faces of the passengers, towards the bow, with soft eyes.
Upon reaching the open sea, it started. People began vomiting here and vomiting there. Some people tried not to vomit anywhere and ended up vomiting everywhere! It was comical, embarrassing and, because the scene was exacerbated by the increasingly rougher seas, a little scary. As the waves continued to get bigger, all but the stoic staff were looking worried.
Later, the wind decided to join in, becoming very strong. The dingy outside Yuki and Nev’s window flailed about like a poorly designed kite. Nev wondered if they had not turned back for the simple reason that they were already more than half way to Japan. Perhaps other passengers were wondering why they hadn’t learnt to swim.
“Nev,” said Yuki, “are we going to be okay?” as her trembling squeezed his. He put his other arm around her, something she’d never let him do in public before. She was shaking all over. It was stifling inside the air-tight compartment and the smelt of vomit added to the growing sense of suffocation.
“We’ll be fine,” he replied in the most convincing voice he could muster. Though Yuki noticed the fear in Nev’s voice, she felt a little better. Years of fishing off Sydney’s beaches had taught him one thing about rough seas. Don’t panic! Save your energy… you may well need it. The butterflies in his stomach were doing overtime. The waves continued to grow in size as the wind howled louder.
The boat was lurching and diving as it tried to battle its way through the waves. As soon as it cleared the crest of one wave, it jagged down the back of it into a deep trough. It would bottom out with a jarring thud before lurching towards the crest of the next wave. These mountains of water kept getting bigger and the depressions between them deeper.
Eventually, even the staff gave up and unveiled their true feelings: their faces conveying absolute terror as they clenched the end of the arm rests with all their might. Their already white knuckles became even whiter! They had already passed the islands the Japanese and the Koreans squabbled over and nobody gave them so much as a cursory glance.
Amazingly, the storm died down about twenty minutes away from Fukuoka! All the people on board were obviously relieved and no doubt a few people who weren’t on board were too! The coast guard would have been alerted by the Captain but Yuki told Nev that she’d lost phone reception soon after leaving Korea. None of the passengers could have alerted their relatives that they were in trouble.
Yuki’s aunty and uncle, who travelled often, would feel just a little outdone when she told them about the ferry trip. They only lived a few doors away from her parents. While she hadn’t matched them in the number of overseas trips they’d taken, and probably never would, the idea that her trips turned out to be more adventurous would not be lost upon them or the rest of her extended family.

This is an excerpt from El Nido. This novel can be sampled for free and/or purchased from this link:


Warning: some taxi drivers are whack-jobs

20140226-120623.jpgWomen, beware of which taxi you enter. A Jeonju woman reported getting into a silver colored cab and instead of being brought where she requested, she was driven slowly through back streets while the driver masturbated. She got the plate number: 30 바 5??0. She reported it to the police, who were dismissive.
I have obscured two of the numbers of the license plate because the potential libel law harm to me vastly outweighs the potential good I could do others by posting all the numbers. The driver or the company could easily file a libel suit that I posted his license plate, and that the masturbation was just hearsay. No good deed goes unpunished.
So, what good can we pull from this?
How can ladies decrease their chances of getting in the car with a wanker?
It helps to use larger company taxis. There are many private one car affairs, and illegal unlicensed taxis.
Legitimately licensed taxis have one of these four syllables in the middle of their license plate: 아,바,사,자(think “daddy, lion”). Checking for this could be helpful, but, as you may notice by glancing above, the offender in this case had a legally licensed taxi plate.
Obviously, many of these illegal taxi guys aren’t directly harmful or dangerous; they are just cheating certain licensing fees and taxes.
Besides, when the rubber hits the road, such discernment is usually quite impractical. It’s often dark or rainy or other impairing conditions may apply, so when you flag down a taxi, you are seldom in a position to be fussy about the labels on the outside of the car.
How about a simpler approach?
There are bad people everywhere, even in good companies. We should keep our hand ready to our video feature of our phone as though it were a can of pepper spray. If you have the presence of mind, take a video of the offender. There’s great power in this. There is no hearsay. The police will look at it. And if not… There’s always YouTube.

First rule of the code: Don’t Get Caught

downloadPhone Phishing is not new, but there are lots of new tricks every day. In Korea, some people answer the phone to hear, “We tried to deliver a document to you. For more information, press 1.”  It’s a scam.  If you get any automated call, its usually best to hang up. Pushing the option can allow charges to your phone bill, even if you haven’t given any credit card info.  Don’t give any ID details such as ARC or passport number over the phone.  If it’s a human caller, say you’re tied up right now and will call right back.  Ask for company name, rep name, extension number, and the number of a reference, just for security reasons.  Any half-decent company will be happy to oblige.If not, the sound of the click will tell you otherwise.

Airport Bus

Incheon to Jeonju : first 6:00am / last 10:45pm

Jeonju to Incheon : first 2:20am / last 7:00pm

In airport, just ask for “Bus to Jeonju” in English

In Jeonju taxi just say “Airport Bus to Incheon” in English

Drivers License

Assuming you have driving experience back home this will be easy for you to get.
Just go to the Jeonbuk Drivers Licencing Agency near Jeonju WC Stadium early in the morning. I believe the first learners session starts at 10am (get a korean to call and check for u) Take with you two pictures and alien card.
1. Sit through an english subbed Drivers Education DVD ( 1 hour)
2. Take written/ computer test ( need to score 75% minimum to pass)
3. Sign up for the in house driving test
– get in a car and follow the subs on the navigation screen. U have to ‘do the required action’ before the 5 second counter reaches 0
things included like…
– turn on left indicator / right indicator turn on headlights
– when u start driving the L shaped course u will hear a siren.. it means to stop car immediately and hit the emergency lights within 3 seconds
– stop the car over the finish line

4. then u can sign up for ur road test…
they will show u a possible 7 courses ( i think ) which u could possibly drive. there are maps so u can study the course.
When its ur turn u will be randomly given one of the courses.

drive the course and when u get back to the driving agency u need to perform a parallel park to finish the test.

hope that info helps u. It’s possible to get this all done in HALF A DAY!!! and itll cost u about 70 000 w

VDay 2014 is Coming!

vdayHello everyone: 
Anyone interested in helping with acting, staging, production, promotion, advertising, publicity and/or backstage (or anything else you can think of) for V-Day Jeonju 2014, please contact Joni 
Event late March- early April, 2014. TBA
V-Day is a global activist movement to stop violence against women and girls. V-Day is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations. V-Day generates broader attention for the fight to stop violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM) and sex slavery.
Thanking you all in advance…until the violence stops…

Weirdo in white car wanks watching white woman walking

KakaoTalk_Elliott Tori_September 5, 2013A Jeonju expat English professor noticed a white Carens was following her slowly as she walked home. She made evasive course changes, but he kept finding her and slowing or stopping nearby. She walked right up to the car with her phone recording video, only to find the driver had no pants on and was fiercely occupied. She reported the incident to the police, who were very helpful. The car is registered to a very old man out in Gimje, but a younger man in shades and a baseball cap perpetrated the lewd act. He did not threaten or exit the vehicle. However, Jeonju ladies are encouraged to be on the lookout for this lurking loser.



Hello everyone,

Apologies, but both I and Jasmine will be unable to attend this month’s meeting so I thought it would be better to postpone and start fresh next month.

We will be starting a new book as well: Sunset Park by Paul Aster.
This novel is about the lives of Americans just after the financial crash of 2008.

Please order the book and read the first 3 chapters for next month. We will be meeting on the 23rd of November at 4:30pm at Didim Coffee Shop near Chonbuk National University.

Here is the Amazon link:

Here is the Yes24 link:

Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather!


Kinder Crisis

Teachers in town are reporting that they are getting ousted from their kindergarten positions. This is due to a new law that came into effect (most likely at the behest of the hagwan association) that forbids any foreigner instructed English education before 2:30 PM in any kindergarten. This story is being developed right now. Your contributions are most welcome in the comments section or by email to